A Feast Of Snakes

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This Dallas, Texas, psycho four-piece match the insanity of the berserk novel by Harry Crews with grimy ass-shakin’ swagger, splats of slide guitar, and the odd pained outburst of screaming distortion.


Mojo Kitty

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Three blues punk Molotov cocktails from 1994 by Mick Collins, Alejandro Cuervo, Janet Walker, and Darin Lin Wood, delivering gloriously sludge-crossed feedback, reverb and bad vibes.


Shapes Of Venus

(In The Red) Used LP $35.00

Foul-mouthed, dirty, alcohol-fueled aggression from 2003 that rightfully blasts out of the hi-fi at a pill party. Lead by wildman-about-town Tim Vulgar, the band mixes glam rock, Killed-By-Death-style punk, and natural born Midwest insanity. Some bands go out of their way to act weird, wild and fucked up, whereas the Clone Defects can’t help it. This is the real article. Clear vinyl.


Panther Phobia

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These Memphis legends (and the missing link between the unbridled howl of early swamp blues and the psychological onslaught of the new millennium) herald a return to the tumultuous and exuberant tones and groans of the band’s landmark LP from 1981 Behind The Magnolia Curtain. Panther Phobia is as “organic as a landlord’s eviction squad,” proclaims Robert Gordon. “Drums pound like irate neighbors at the door. Slow songs snake like a chick passing out on ’ludes. You will lock your doors when you hear this record, you will bar your windows, blood will flow from your nose, your lungs will itch. You will get a divorce, a speeding ticket, eleven twenty nine in the workhouse.”


Fake Surfers

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An unlikely industrial / pop crossover from 2009 by Lars Finberg, whose experimental post-punk is weighted down by paranoia built off goose-stepping beats and coded lyrics.