Regular Man / Good Memory

(Regional Bears) Cassette $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

A kind of sequel to Countdown To Man In The Clouds (2010), this time composed of nineties hardcore records destroyed with damaged needles and contact mics. Thick loops collapse into total mud sound on both sides, and attempting to identify deeply buried melodies through the muffled grinding will likely end in narcosis (perhaps a preferred state as the doomsday clock ticks in double-time). c30


Seeing The Elephant

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Noise, musique concrète, and sound poetry by The Melkings’ Tom DeAngelo. C40


2018: Recent Amelioration of Lingering Proprioceptive Issues, Elimination of Winter Coat Improves Muscle Tension

(Regional Bears - RB08) Cassette $7.50

“My original approach,” explains the professor himself, “Was that of a fairly standard concrète bricolage that has characterized my previous work. I found upon listening back that the resulting semiotic content of the sounds used were not far from suggesting the type of peripheral agitations that buttress a well-hidden fragility of temperament at any given time: respiratory tics, the surfacing of unbecoming affectations, possibly born of circadian disturbances and their unconscious dream residue, and others. I had then decided that the most fitting lens through which to view these works is that of these physiological aberrations being logged, as in aural data entries, as the main determinants of these formal particularities. ‘Corporo-material conditions’ may perhaps precede my supposed choices in providing a means to navigate these recordings and place them within a scope of intent. Perhaps a more succinct title for this release would have simply been ‘Physiology Music’. In any case, one could listen in search of entertaining terminals, as one would skim a TV guide while waiting at the pharmacy or veterinarian’s office.” Totally up to you. C30


Movement Musik

(Regional Bears - 13) Cassette $13.00

Thomas DeAngelo and Jim Strong follow the abnormal circumstances documented on Outten O.D.’s: A Sound Event In Five Movements (The Gift of Music 2017) with tapes, text, rooms, the former’s low fuss devices, the latter’s sculptural playables. “The Strong estate in Narberth, PA, is probed, prodded, and milked with all the dexterity of a bemused child,” says Jim. “In comparison to the two prior tapes…, something approaching ‘patience’ [is] on display, with an intermittent, hovering dread redolent of heady classics by Hastings of Malawi, East Bionic Symphonia or The Curfew Recordings. Eventually our journey circles around, as it must, [like] a dog chasing its own tail. Crucially, this music can be enjoyed solely on sensual character, without any speculation of intent or analysis, as in a dog licking its own arsehole.”


A World Of Difference

(Regional Bears - 15) Cassette $9.00

Enjoyably varied collage work by Frans de Waard.


The Golden Handshake That Almost Broke My Wrist

(Regional Bears - 11) Cassette $9.00

Reliable madness from Joe Murray, dictaphone and otherwise, meaning: tapes, mouth sounds, text-to-speech machines, bells, and wine glasses. Guest contributors include Otto Willberg, id m theft able, and OD Gee.


Benzedrine Bonanza

(Regional Bears - RB07) Cassette $7.50

Where Omelette Of Disease (Förlag För Fri Musik 2018) is an orgy in painfully hard-driven feedback, and Overdrive (Team Boro Tapes 2018) focuses on rumbling low-end, Benzedrine Bonanza brings a live all-at-once approach, not unlike Schakalens Bror’s earliest cassette excretions, yet now more refined and with the later live energy successfully transferred to tape. Fully fledged free form guitar noise in a league of its own. C18


Can We Win

(Regional Bears - RB09) Cassette $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Shots Bring It In. Due to weather, noise complaints, lack of time, artistic choice, or some combination thereof, Shots’ instrumentation moves indoors. Can We Win replaces the characteristic outdoor resonance of previous releases with tighter, more enclosed environment. The sound sources remain varied as ever, but the running water, somnambulistic percussion, and rupturing metal in play are enfolded in an intimate domestic acoustic space, making for a considered and engaging listen. C32