A Beginner’s Guide to COMA

(Rotary Totem) Used LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

A completely essential compendium of 1980s L.A. underground music. “The California Outside Music Association represents a somewhat more art-rock oriented orbit (often with distinct R.I.O. affiliations) than Los Angeles Free Music Society’s more anarchic and crude attitude / approach,” notes Mutant Sounds. “There’s … extraordinary work at hand here, from the The Motor Totemist Guild’s archly fey and lopsided gem ‘Farmer Without Strings’ to the plangent garage prog fury of The Underpeople’s ferocious ‘Zontar: The Thing From Venus’, the devastating R.I.O. angularity of 5uu’s contribution, and Dogma Probe’s late-Fibonnaccis-like ‘Thirteen’ to the single finest tracks that either Cartoon or Newcross would ever commit to tape.” From 1985. Sealed