Forever Came Today

(Ruby) Used LP $20.00

“Masterfully wrought punk tunes, reverberating with heart-wrenching vocals that turn on a dime from desperate whispers to blood-curdling screams. ‘Drag My Name In Mud’ is especially noteworthy as a deep dive into full-throttle rock demonology, bluesy primeval swagger and obsessive imagery, inspired in equal parts by William S. Burroughs and Edgar Allan Poe.” Original 1982 pressing


A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die

(Ruby) Used LP $75.00

Two members of X and three members of the Blasters stand up to the raw beat-influenced visions of Chris Desjardins’s lyrics on the second Flesh Eaters album. Everything is executed with strength and ferocity, especially “Satan’s Stomp,” a long, feral groove cut live to two-track with no edits or overdubs. Rugged and artful at the same time, and Desjardins never had a better or more sympathetic set of collaborators than this. 1981 pressing.