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Norwegian experimental electronic ambient, minimal techno pulsations, and open space music from 2007. Jørgen Knudsen and Per Henrik Svalastog’s crisp sound and beat structures range from precise mechanical organizations to intricate organic constructions supporting insistently waxing and waning composed melodies.



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Twelve three-minute pieces from between 1968 and 1972, recorded in the studios of Polish radio. “They are ripe works, among the most graceful and urgent … from that period one is likely to hear. Sure, they sound crude, as any other ‘early electronic’ piece, but they don’t sound clumsy or arid. The tones are bright, even when drowned in their own reverb, and they move around with a freedom that makes you enjoy just lazily following them around, forgetting about how a piece is structured. Nordheim explores the whole sonic spectrum, from menacing low growls (the bass range on this CD is stunning) to high-pitched chirps.”