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2008 glue wave that’s equally classic garage and free / experimental. All songs are home-recorded, superimposing live and not-live takes, creating a kind of real / old / current feeling. White vinyl


Black Helicopter

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Over-the-top, bludgeoning-yet-tuneful avant-punk madness by Chris Woodhouse. Remastered tracks from the original 1997 release, along with a bunch of previously unreleased material. Yellow vinyl with red paper half-sheet


The Exploding Now

(S-S Records) Used LP $5.00

“The debut album from Monterrey Mexico’s premier primal noisesmiths pulls stringent and ominous tones out of the most mundane instruments available to these demented students,” marvels Victim of Time. “By creating their own style of demiurgically aberrant music distantly rooted in actual ancient mysticism-cum-No-Wave-nihilism, Los Llamarada bend their minds and instruments in such an evil, earthy fashion that your own sober mental state grows instantly muddled and disoriented with each passing track.” Silkscreened jacket. White vinyl


Take The Sky

(S-S Records) Used LP $5.00

“Guitars careen fearlessly into the void and each track cavorts at all times in its own special weirdness,” says Coke Machine Glow. “What these Mexicans have effectively cooked up is a spinning ceiling of noise—a series of loud improv dilemmas loosely drawn into the folds of what presumably was at one point rock. Not to call this a song-set—the idea fans will hopscotch off this mess to their next show with a litany of requests is uniquely absurd—but it’s to say that Los Llamarada, more than people might expect from a band that attacks instruments, negates sound and musical grammar etc., have crafted something with real, tangible determination.”



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A big dose of proto / glam / psych / punk / wave excellence. Clear vinyl.



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From outsider garage pop to frantic free jazz, here is the view of the future of punk from the vantage point of 2004. Exclusive tracks from the A Frames, Antennas Errupt, The Blowtops, Blutt, Country Teasers, Crash Normal, Duchess Of Saigon, Guinea Worms, The Intelligence, Klondike & York, The Piranhas, Sexy Prison, & Unnatural Helpers. White vinyl. Sealed