T. Penn Collections

(Saga House - SH03) Cassette $6.00

Eight rarities from the archives of this centerpiece of New Jersey gunk. With a mirror bent to the spirit of Subterranean Records-era Flipper, T. Penn’s outsider haze and destabilized psych visions are implacable and humorous, not at all mystical, but still complex. The album stands as a vestige of carefully manicured messthetics, an unshakeable vision of decrepitude as fortitude. The 46-minute A-side transmutes into an even more alien prayer the familiar elements of the B-side in reverse. “Music Is Not My Religion But This Is My Prayer” opens the B-side with violent, tectonic low-end shifts. The collection proceeds fearlessly and enigmatically, from solo dirge to guitar rock squall, to subdued bedroom renditions of Marc Bolan and R. Stevie Moore. Includes free download. C92
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They Will Burn Us To Ashes

(Saga House - SH02) Cassette $6.00

Mike Mangino’s diligence with pioneer basement industrial duo SMERSH set the scene for Futurist irradiation, so it should come as no surprise They Will Burn Us To Ashes harkens back to the collapsed rhythm of cassette culture’s golden age: body-rhythmic static; curious, plaintive reckonings; static wash; hiss; suggestions of system breach; tensile and rhythmic ambience that summons dark premonitions; isolationist electronics, as if Shinichi Atobe has processed Basinski in an ominous ode to inertia. Includes free download. C92
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