As Flim Toby

(Schematic) Used 2xLP $6.00

The 2002 album by the “enfant terrible of the Atlanta-Miami bass glitch axis … is a sprawling recording, moving languidly across the palettes of glitch, microhouse, and electro-pop. At the same time, the album is a divided affair, delineating between digital and analog, the real and the imagined, in one of the most ambitiously conceptual electronic releases in recent memory…. The first [platter] is closer to the traditional Schematic aesthetic of complex, headphone-friendly electronic. Felipe derives static beats from vinyl hiss, tactile glitch breaks from his PC, and slightly off-kilter melodies from four-track home recordings…. Felipe’s dexterity is testament to the psychosis of the bedroom electronic auteur, flaunting a near-maddening precision that occasionally makes the compositions impenetrable.… The more this album slips its moorings, as it does unremittingly in its latter half, drifting further into the boundary waters of ambient improvisation, the more ethereal grows its scope of possibilities. Glitch beats wane as Toby drops the knob on the digital input; the PC contributions remain, but as more of an undercurrent than a propelling force…. [S]craping digital noise, electro-acoustic agents of chance, and his minutiae become so dense as to carry the resonance, though not the texture, of tonal new classical.”


Ischemic Folks

(Schematic) Used 2xLP $10.00

Mesmerizing 1999 comp with tracks by Phoenicia, David Kristian. Richard Devine, Push Button Objects, Gliese, Metic.