Gravitational Pull Vs Desire For An Aquatic Life

(Sedimental) Used LP $45.00

“Looking at the cover art depicting a blurry view through a screen door, you can almost feel the oppressive, gelatinous humidity of summer in Texas,” claims Pitchfork. “A sense of lethargy permeates this 1996 platter. The 19-minute expanse of ‘Cantus; In Memory of Warren Wiltzie’ feels dark and submerged, full of seismic rumbles, storm-drain echoes, and scraped guitar strings. While the billowing drones of later Stars recordings make the listener feel weightless, ‘Cantus’ casts a disorienting haze around you, never quite letting you escape. Distant drones, sampled strings, e-bowed guitar swells, and sine waves that sound like alien transmissions are blended together to sublime effect on ‘Lactate’s Moment.’ The elements rise and fall so naturally, they come to feel like part of your own breathing.” Numbered edition 028/709 on noisy and problematic white vinyl. No inserts.


Town & Country #1

(Sedimental) Used 2x7-inch $3.00

Tracks from 1994 by Mud Pie, Amy Denio, Azalia Snail, Crawling With Tarts, The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet