Ununtrium’s Daughter

(Semperflorens) CD $13.50

With a somber mood prevalent during the compositional process, ghosts of that emotional state resonate within the four interlinked pieces on Ununtrium’s Daughter, somewhat akin to an imagined version of Harold Budd’s dark ambient masterpiece Abandoned Cities. On Haynes’s soundtrack to allegory for an existential transitory state of self-disintegration, “Virgo” came to fruition through a very brief field recording (captured before the batteries died) of a huge piece of plate glass shattered during a Black Bloc splinter riot in San Francisco, 2012; it groans under its own weight through a filigree of delicate crackles, while ultrasound recordings of a diesel locomotive punctuate “As We Spiral Backwards” with microsonic rasps and blurts emitted by a lonely, idling engine at the Port of Oakland. Sounds of the tides of the Atlantic Ocean on the South Carolina shore recorded through a long-thin wire vibrating in the churning currents are found on “…And The Flowers Fall.”