(Sergent Massacre - SM03) LP $14.00

First vinyl outing for Peckham-based trio — Ben Morris, Rob Lye and Chris Boyd — who use a revolving approach to composing, improvising and recording, with sounds moving between shingled, skeletal percussion and kitchen-sink Gamelan to electronic attack and ecstatic vocalization.



(Sergent Massacre - SM02) LP $19.50 (Out-of-stock)

Ben Hall on percussion, Hans Buetow on cello, John Olson on saxophone and electronics, and Coccyx on reeds base this effort around high, metallic drones, with bowed and scraped cymbals generating a metallic / electric cloud cover that attracts lightning strikes of phantom saxophone articulation, desolate breath storms and percussion and hallucinatory, held tones. Psychedelic and brain re-arranging. Silkscreened jackets. Artwork by Wouter Vanhaelemeesch.



(Sergent Massacre - BTR07) LP $16.00

(Sergent Massacre - BTR07) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Unmapped land, a place under mystic light accessible only via High Wolf’s fuzzy wah guitars, trancey keyboards, delayed vocals, groovy percussion and jungle spirit. This vinyl reissue of the CDR (Winged Sun 2009) was remastered by Pete Swanson. 180-gram vinyl.


Citizens Dream Of A City

(Sergent Massacre - SM01) LP $19.50

To plagiarize Volcanic Tongue, this solo effort by John Olson (Wolf Eyes) encompasses abstruse sonic strategies (almost Sick Llama-esque in their inscrutability) and avant garde miniatures consisting of electrified balls of steel wire, stuck-groove drone epics, and primitive hobbyist hi-fi experiments. Olson wads up 20th century sound art practice (as documented by Alga Marghen, Revue Ou, et al.) with the home-burned aesthetic of the Chocolate Monk / Fag Tapes / American Tapes axis. Artwork by Jonas Delaborde.