I Can See Where I Am Now

(Slowball) Used LP $5.00

“The long-awaited debut of this Belgian prodigy” enthuse our friends at Kraak about this 1997 release, “a kind of greatest hits album…. Ingwio D’Hespeel’s voice reminds [us of] the Jefferies brothers, and it is wonderful to dream away [during] the instrumentals. Samples, loops, violins, a VPRO live track, drums, soft and hard guitars…,” while Popchild Magazine notices that on the pop side of the album, “short and fragile songs of acoustic guitar [are] crushed by whispered and smiling voice,” whereas on the more chaotic side” — not experimental, but libertarian — where a violinist named Violinator “meddles where he can and the melodies … fade slowly … startle quickly, and at times … shine through their absence.” Silkscreen folder