Put Your Face in Gwod: the 366th Revival

(Smack Shire) Used CD $4.00

This radio personality of “questionable religious pedigree, but with enough hootin’ n’ hollerin’ holy-ghost ferocity to more than compensate for his lack of Biblical acumen,” according to Brainwashed, “Was something of an eccentric who felt his message was important enough to buy airtime (out of pocket, every week for more than 18 years) to broadcast his demented God-type message to Southern Georgia, despite his rather noticeable speech impediment. Recorded straight off the airwaves between the years of 1982 and 1992 by Tom Smith, the sound quality throughout this 71-minute compendium of the more unhinged moments of Knox’s broadcasts varies but Knox still comes through loud and clear, delivering his hellfire-and-brimstone message of sweaty-toothed allegiance to the spirit in the sky. He is frequently joined in the studio by a revolving cast of blithering hayseeds, po’ white trash and hill people, many of whom are invited to warble a gospel number or two, and their performances give new meaning to the term neo-primitive. Unorthodox guitar tunings and hilariously off-key vocals contribute to the real-people / outsider feel of this material. But Knox himself is the main attraction, whooping wildly and feverishly whipping up religious fervor.” From 2003