Swell Maps 1972-1980

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Formed in band-member and co-founder Jowe Head’s home town of Solihull, England in 1972, the group featured the late Nikki Sudden and Nikki’s brother, the late Epic Soundtracks, along with Phones Sportsman, John Cockrill, and Richard Earl. In this 152-page biography of the band, Head takes us to each members’ formative years and reveals what made them experiment with challenging music and eventually come together to form Swell Maps. Through his own recollections and utilizing interviews with former members, he explores the early days of the band, and details stories that bring the reader into the inner workings of the band as they traveled through the late ’70s cultural scene in Europe. The last section of the book updates the whereabouts of all the key players. The book includes dozens of full-color images of band memorabilia from the author's personal collection, including photos, posters, flyers, artwork, original lyrics, and more. Six exclusive, never-before-released tracks are on the seven-inch, culled from the archives. Edition of 1000