Grapes From The Estate

(Southern Lord - SUNN61) 2xLP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four side-long tracks of guitar exploration that begin with slowly layered, short electric guitar loops and build to haunting effect, as organ, drums, piano, tuned bells, percussion and strings increase the density. 180-gram vinyl. No idea if the vinyl is black (edition of 670) or purple (edition of 330).



(Southern Lord) Used CD $10.00

“Beyond hypnotic, trance-inducing zen doom from 2007. Al Cisneros’s droning but melodic bass playing and mantras could be studied at a university level, combined with Chris Hakius’s explosive drumming wipe the mind clean of the pettiness of everyday life. Earth-moving riffs and dreamlike rhythms lurch forward with the inertia of a planet in orbit.” Card sleeve with quotes on back


Live Jerusalem

(Southern Lord) Used LP $100.00

180g vinyl. #2039/3100. Sealed