Sac Tap Nut Jam

(Spacecase) Used LP $8.00

The first new full length in twenty-one years by this New Zealand quartet with 1980s releases on Flying Nun and a string of reissues on Siltbreeze reunites Steve McCabe and Stu Kawowski with Dragan Stojanovic (who played on 1987’s Derry Legend) and brings in William Daymond. Like The Swell Maps, The Axemen sound is hard to define and defies easy categorization, but don’t let that compel you to withhold a warm welcome for the Beatles / Dylan pop of Stojanovic’s “These Days,” nor to McCabe’s post punk-influenced “Doctor’s On Speed Dial” as well as his inimitable voice and stream-of-consciousness lyrics at the forefront on “Google That Girl.” Black vinyl. Edition of 500.