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“The synths [on this1994 CD] are … awash in a sort of gauzy reverb that smoothes out the cleaner sound,” notices Brainwashed, “It is still by no means peaceful…, [with] ripping cloth synthesizers and explosions…, [and] warbling feedback…. [But] when the guttural, chugging synth and sampled Thai pop songs pop up, it is pretty placid…. ‘Dictator’ … is a low-frequency synth throb with piercing noise stabs on top, and largely indecipherable vocals shouted throughout… ‘The Way It Will Be’ … is a brief, melancholy ambient track with poetic, spoken words…, unlike anything else Whitehouse ever did, or would do again, which is one of the reasons it is so striking.”


Birthdeath Experience

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The seminal first album by Whitehouse even to this day is a remarkable piece of work created entirely with tone generators and EDP Wasps. Lyrically full of uncompromising, trademark irony. Instrumental in dragging avant garde electronic music a long way from its initially limited boundaries. Reissued in conjunction with Very Friendly.


Asceticists 2006

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Step up to the mic, Tiny Mix Tapes: "Though Whitehouse are over 20 years old, Asceticists 2006 shows that they have lost none of their vicious streak. William Bennett communicates the brutality of existence.... Instrumentally, Bennett and Philip Best create some of the most shape-shifting and sonically varied Whitehouse fare to date.... Asceticists begins with an immediate collage of sharp fuzz, disjointed and distorted drum beats, and screeching tones. Bennett pens a piece. Best screams a situation for us to fathom, demanding us to try on a new skin. He commences with a Phillip Larkin-like rant about how much parents fuck up their kids. Best proceeds to describe the horrific intents of self-interested parents. Four stanzas into the song, Bennett paints us a picture of a suicide bombing. A plethora of the graphic, violent, post-9/11 images come flooding into the mind, and Whitehouse has almost completed the job. A couple more stanzas filled with horrific imagery drive the message home."