Clit Stop

(Swezlex) Used CD $3.00

2000 comp with tracks by 3 Day Stubble, 99 Hooker / Tom Scandura, Aerobics King, Alpha-Buts. Barney, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Chris Brown, Cokra, Commode Minstrels In Bullface, Deerhoof, Deb Foxx Hamhoxxx, Dr. Oblivious, Earwicker, Frank Gratowski, Fuel for Tongues, Chlorgeschlecht, Hammer Eye Dimuzio, Kit Clayton, Lo Fi Niesans, Lowdown, Mike Boner, Moron, Nautical Almanc, No-Neck Blues Band, Omnivorous Sensillum, Patchcords, Rubber O Cement with Karla LaVey, RX FXR BX, Schematic, Slusser, Spider Compass Good Time Crime Band, Symplx, Tamio Shiriashi, The Bran (another Plight of Medic’s…) Pos, Wicked With, Woof Pies, The Effable Lord Xiandino, Zeek Sheck