Rogalands Lydigste

(Swill Radio) Used LP $15.00

Distinctive, uncompromising and minimalist instrumental music from 1999. Guitar played with the imminent threat of screams, whines and surreptitious tones. Definitely rock for the advanced. Sealed


Explosion At A Shingle Factory

(Swill Radio) Used 2xLP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The early ’90s debut vinyl by Scott Foust’s post-Anschluss project. Basement experimental sound and collage recordings from Amherst. Tapes, keyboards, synthesizers, harp, piano, percussion. With booklet.



(Swill Radio) Used LP $10.00

In these “idealized field recordings that capture the hallucinatory isolation of an abandoned arctic base, Anti-Natural combines organic mechanistic processes into an aesthetic whole. Both severe and opulent, naïve and self-confident, it offers an escape route from the false dichotomies of man/nature and man/machine and attempts the transcendence of the impossible. Electronic recreations of the world around us, both real and imagined, foment immutable revolutions in sound.”


The Fourth Dimension Is Money

(Swill Radio) Used 2xLP $28.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Natural sounds, Irish harp, percussion, minimalistic hypnotic free music” is how one Japanese bilbo describes this mid-’90s album by Scout Foust and Carla Borecky. “Spacey jam by electronics, ethereal cries and whistles of birds sound, analog synths…. [C]omfort and oddities are blended exquisitely…. Recommendation panel in the luxury!” With currency pasted-on front cover


Our Pledge

(Swill Radio) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Ten songs from by Scott Foust, Karla Borecky and Mike Popovich on tape, voice, keyboard, bass, guitar. An addictive, repetition / minimal performance, recalling at times Young Marble Giants and Popul Vuh. The album “creeps under your skin and leaves something behind which cannot be dislodged,” marvels our friend at Sound Projector. “This is music that probes into unknown zones of feeling…. I know of no better way … to begin your explorations [of the psyche than] with this record.” Paste-on photo


Radio Orange

(Swill Radio) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Tape-collage miniatures, indeterminacy, analog drone/vox duet, bizarre environmental action, fragile tone composite, and grinding electronic surge by super-modernist avant garde trio Karla Borecky, Graham Lambkin, and Scott Foust.