Tape Projects

(Tape Projects - TAPR06) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

More than 60 ten-second tracks all ending in locked grooves. Each track is designed, or not, to provide a soundtrack to a series of 15 flip books by a diverse range of Australian visual artists. With contributions from Chris Abrahams (Necks), Ernie Althoff, Mu Child, Joel Stern, Sumugan Sivanesan (Antipan), Harry Williamson (Gong), Monica Brooks (Splinter Orchestra), Moffarfarrah, Thembi Soddell, Lawrence English, Tarab, Philip Samartzis (Gum), Anthea Caddy, Werner Hoeck (Volvox), Severed Heads, Dave Phillips (Fear of God), Toecutter, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation and many more. Includes poster.