Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

(Thin Wrist - TW-J) LP $19.00 (Out-of-stock)

Wooden Bag (Other Music 2015) was all forward momentum, stomping and shaking, but Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock explores percussionist Rick Brown’s long-standing interest in odd and “compound” meters, enhanced by guitarist Che Chen’s modal investigations and melodic / harmonic tendencies. Reinforcements include Cheryl Kingan of The Scene Is Now on baritone and alto saxes; Andrew Lafkas of Todd Capp’s Mystery Train on contrabass; Karen Waltuch of Zeke & Karen on viola; Rolyn Hu of True Primes on trumpet; and Carey Balch of Knoxville’s Give Thanks on floor tom. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016.


Brighter Summer Day

(Thin Wrist - TWB) LP $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

Burning Star Core's first vinyl full-length and first widely available recording after numerous private releases that began surfacing in 1993. Massive layers of sustained sound driven thru violins and electronics direct to climax, backed by broken organs dropped into shifting darkness and cracked computer hypnotics.


The Very Heart of The World

(Thin Wrist - TWG) CD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

(Thin Wrist - TWG) LP $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

An incredibly heavy record, built on dense, layered drones, pulses, splintered vocals, and deep rhythms that euphorically build to total overload. With a lineup including the Hair Police front line and other luminaries from across the exploding Midwestern psych/noise/folk underground, BXC's C. Spencer Yeh shifts through epic movements and pushes pure electronic/concrete/physical/rock energy to undeniable, massive sound.


Fly Bys

(Thin Wrist) Used LP $10.00

“Moderately and purposefully irritating, difficult listening / indie pop instrumentals which have a weird way of generating a genuine, arty allure,” says Slipcue. “The band (drums, keyboards, geetar) crafts perversely off-kilter, yet not too alienating melodic elisions.” From 2002


Fast Talks

(Thin Wrist) Used LP $10.00

The trio’s first album “walks the line between childlike invention and rigorously pared down song structures,” says David Keenan. “Guitarists Chris Cohen and Trevor Shimizu circle each other with clean simple shapes and wobbly chords, while drummer Jamie Peterson slow marches between them with her combination of martial rhythms and chugging encouragement.” 180g vinyl. Includes insert.


Kevin Drumm

(Thin Wrist - TWLA) 2xLP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

The elusive, fragmented and subtle tabletop guitar experiments on Drumm’s eponymous debut (released on CD by Perdition Plastics in 1997 and reissued on CD by the same label in 2009) straddle analogue noise and fractured Erstwhile-esque minimalism. The first six tracks feel like a surgical operation, or a vivisection of Drumm's instrument, an isolating of each conceivable component, draining its every sonority and splaying it across forty minutes of clinical abstraction. After six tracks of shadowy activity, a final seventeen-minute piece brings the album to an intense, droning conclusion, laying down strips of noisy signal interference that buzz and crackle as a single, continuous surge. Thin Wrist’s expanded 180-gram vinyl edition adds an entire side of previously unreleased music recorded during the same time as the original album. Digital download card included.


Black Colors

(Thin Wrist - TW-I) 3xLP $40.00 (Out-of-stock)

The fullest realization to date of the incredibly physical and dynamic musical language of the ex-Open City electric guitarist. Black Colors flows unpredictably from electrified fragments of sound that fold and expand in dense layers to massive tones that surge and collapse in rapid succession. His approach has been called “massively a-formal” and his control of timing and texture “masterful.” Rather than set harmonic or rhythmic structures, he draws form from open sequences of sound events merged and propelled by a distinct internal logic, thus erasing the line between intent and impulse, and creating the immediate and unrepeatable. The six sides of vinyl here are at times dense and teeming with saturated bursts and drones, at others sparse with minute ticks and quiet tones that reverberate in open space. 180g vinyl, mastered at 45RPM. Three full-color jackets inside heavy tip-on slipcase. Includes digital download card.


New Bodies

(Thin Wrist - TWH) LP $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

Three tracks of electric guitar improvisation by Open City guitarist feature successively recorded left- and right-channel guitars, in which the overdub responds asynchronous to the original. Open City’s two-guitar and drums line-up regularly explored electroacoustic interplay, while New Bodies lets rip with all the skronk and blurt Kolovos has been holding in for the last decade, in tiny, tightly gated segments. “Derek Bailey covering The Residents' Duck Stab.” — Bruce Russell, The Wire. Includes download card. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2009



(Thin Wrist - TWLR-3) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Composed and recorded for the most part alone in her bedroom over a span of four years, Eden Sela’s debut album, with its haunting voice and distinctive sense of folk and dark gospel lull, leads her audience somnambulant, floating hand-in-hand, through delusions, desires, dreams and fantasy. 180-gram vinyl. Includes digital download.


Living 2009 - Present

(Thin Wrist - TWLR1) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Thin Wrist - TWLR1) Used LP $10.00

Building on songs driven by intense vocals and synths, performances by Los Angeles underground duo Yasmine Kittles and William Strangeland are notorious for depth of physicality and directness. Their debut full-length album is a rough, raw document taken from audience recordings - multiple versions and performance tapes are spliced, mashed, layered, collapsed and collaged on this organically flowing album, at once a sideways introduction to Tearist’s devastating performances and a nod to semi-legendary live cassettes and bootlegs. Think of it as a sort of Sonic Death, 2 x 4, or Metallic K.O. for today, or maybe 23 Minutes Over Brussels via Los Angeles. This is immediate and unpolished live sound as a means to an intimate and transcendent experience.


Radian Futura

(Thin Wrist - TWJ) Used LP $20.00

The sixth LP by this hard-hitting instrumental quintet from Los Angeles (originally from the post-apocalyptic San Diego county no-mans-land known as Vista, California) is a constantly shifting onslaught that buries the prog gesture and unleashes genuine rock energy. The centerpiece is the 28-minute epic "Transparent Seas," an astounding bridge between rock's prime album era and the shape of post-punk, avant garde rock to come.



(Thin Wrist) Used LP $8.00

This trumpeter living in Mexico City focuses on sound as it relates to specific spaces and in turn the subtle but profound connections they have to emotions and the body. On the surface, Wick’s side-long improvisations appear to be works of rigorous minimalism; on closer listen they reveal sounds that slowly but constantly shift and evolve. Texture and plosives replace melody and rhythm. Body and breath become indistinguishable from the instrument; the moment is stretched and expanded. Each sound is so closely linked that the player and listener are drawn completely into the present.