The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow

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Mid-’90s dub-bass post-punk, with arresting guitar-free atmospheres a la Metal Box, inside brilliant jazz / pop melodies. In the assets column are Collapsed Lung bassist Johnny Dawe (skilled in Jah Wobble-style dub gymnastics), Polly Harvey and Stereolab’s Katharine Gifford on background-ish vocals, the occasional trumpet courtesy of Andrew Blick, and Raymond Dickaty on woodwinds and brass. Highlights include “Joker John,” a warp-speed dub with rolling percussion and creaky swingset samples; the atonal-esque, slightly spastic instrumental title track, with Gene Krupa molestation and handclaps; and “Into Deep Neutral,” where vocalist David Callahan gets his most melodic with Gifford and Harvey doubling and tripling on the chorus, catapulted by breezy horn vamps. Sealed


Pop (Do We Not Like That?)

(Too Pure - PURE34) LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Label sampler from 1994 with tracks by Stereolab, P.J. Harvey, Th' Faith Healers, Voodoo Queens, Seefeel, Pram, Moonshake, Minxus, Laika, Mouse On Mars.