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The duo’s second release for the label, released in 2003, was recorded in an empty warehouse at Nagoya Port, where the sound of crickets and waves picked up by microphones placed outside the building were transmitted into the space. This recording’s ambience is much quieter and more static, a peaceful canvas to hold explorations that, with a bit of attention, can immerse the listener in ongoing transformations of sounds and musical figures.



(Trente Oiseaux) Used CD $7.00

The sound of crickets and waves outside the building, transmitted inside the empty warehouse where Kuwayama and Kijima played along with them. Close attention is required for successful immersion in the ongoing transformations of sounds and musical figures.


Revu et Corigé

(Trente Oiseaux) Used CD $5.00

A shattered déjà vu of truncated drones from 1995, flashbacks of chirp orgies where flea-sized harpsichords and polygon-shaped asphalt flatteners get magnetized and helplessly swept between the talons of an electroacoustic tuning fork. The effect is akin to sitting in a barber chair spinning around as a ballerina with a fish head pumps it higher and higher towards the ceilings of 30 different cathedrals per minute. Slow, without an end, almost nauseating in its relentlessness, but completely lacking in bombast, Revu Et Corrige eventually settles into a roundtable discussion between security beavers, tuba rehearsals in a mausoleum, government-inflicted pigment removal from the bills of live toucans, and bowling ball races in a lighthouse. As debates go, this one rages.