Exquisite Fucking Boredom

(Tumult) Used CD $12.00

Brainwash jumps right in and says “ ‘Celestial Highway’ is a massive, stomping heavy metal riff, a big hairy acid-drenched slab of fuzzy blues cribbed from the Blue Cheer handbook. The jacked-up shredding that twists around the central rhythmic stomp is directly inspired by the third-eye Satanic soloing of Glenn Tipton and Tony Iommi. That shit keeps cycling around, pulsating fuzzy tendrils of bombastic riffage, hairy to the Nth degree, lifting up to the clouds on a silver machine of over-amped guitar wreckage. And then it repeats. Over and over. For nearly an hour…. Skullflower pushes the envelope of acceptability in terms of musical content…. The nuanced production … by Colin Potter … add[s] sheets of compounding noise run-off to each successive riff, alternately burying the … guitars in a pile of audio rubble, or uncovering and highlighting them by pushing out the borders of distortion…. [S]ome of the most bizarre and unconventional “stoner rock” yet conceived.” With hole punch in the lower right back corner