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On this charming and vastly entertaining recording, the rhythm is hardly an issue. Whether the tempo is fast or slow, everything is as solid as it needs to be in the tradition of the best string bands. Highlights are banjo whiz Bill Keith, fresh off his stint as a bluegrass boy for Bill Monroe, and the vocals of a youthful Maria D’Amato (later Muldaur).


Kaleidoscopic Vibrations

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One of the first albums released with moog synthesizer on it, dating from 1967, though this 2002 Italian pressing on 180-gram vinyl uses the alternate title and cover art of the 1971 reissue. The duo also plays Ondioline, tape, scissors and recordings of acoustic instruments to create their “electronic music from way out.”


Follow Me Down

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Pulsating liquefied grooves from 1966 to 1970, with several wonderfully elastic and ridiculous moments that capture all the odd, misshapen glory of the psychedelic era. Tracks by The Third Power, Erik, Listening, The 31st Of February, Elizabeth, Jeff Monn, Circus Maximus, The Frost, Notes From The Underground, The Vagrants, Serpent Power, The Family Of Apostolic, The Hi-Five, and The Far Cry.