Bladderbags and Interludes

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1992 collection of thirty minutes of remixed, remastered noise from Knees and Bones (Psychout 1985) and Body Samples (Dossier 1985), plus thirty-five minutes of previously unreleased material.


Shinsen Na Clitoris

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On the debut CD from 1990, Masonna surpasses all extremes with full frequency violence as fast as it is psychedelic. Sealed.


Excrete Music

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Bloated Slutbag “wouldn’t call [this 1991 disc] disturbing so much as surreal; very odd, and (then) very unique, when taken together with the total package of the artwork and project name…. However raw and punishing the sound, it is also quite well-composed, the hour-long disc flowing through a sparsely humored series of properly harsh episodes to achieve a very sound compositional whole.”