Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home

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Oppressively heavy, both musically and emotionally, delivery of punk rock as close as it has ever come to sounding rootsy. Ferocious and painfully beautiful, singer Carla Bozulich channels Patti Smith and Patsy Cline. Daniel Keenan’s numbing, relentless, bleeding guitar and Jessy Greene’s weeping violin grind and moan. Teetering throughout between goodnight prayer and bad nightmare. Drilled promo from 1995.


The Future Now

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One of Hammill’s best and most disconcerting albums since the mid-’70s, filled with beautiful piano ballads, strange experiments, and anthemic rock.



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The spirit of experimentation that prevails on other albums by the VdGG founder are set aside on his eighth album from 1989 in favor of the comfort of tighter, more mainstream songs.


Oranges And Lemons

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In this detail-rich opus from 1989, Andy Partridge and company loosen themselves up; as the cover implies, they were going to be gaudy and colorful and nobody was going to stop them. Oranges & Lemons lets everything hang out and boasts one of the band’s best songs (“Mayor Of Simpleton,” about as good as pop music can get), while “Chalkhills And Children” realizes Partridge’s lifelong dream of writing a timeless “Good Vibrations” of his own.