Yoshimi Battle The Pink Robots

(Warner Bros) Used LP $20.00

While this 2002 album isn’t as immediately impressive as the equally brilliant and unfocused Soft Bulletin from 1999, it’s more consistent, using a palette of rounded, surprisingly emotive basslines, squelchy analog synths, and manicured acoustic guitars. German pressing on red vinyl. With Cargo Distribution sticker on front cover.


Have You Seen Me Lately?

(Warner Bros) Used LP $5.00

The rock & roll comic’s second album, dating from 1988. The former preacher comments in gloriously obnoxious fashion on safe sex, homosexuals, and AIDS, hypocritical TV evangelist Jim Bakker, the Virgin Mary’s immaculate conception, a specific, X-rated prank that a man’s friends may perpetrate on him while he’s drunk. Beyond tasteless, guaranteed hilarity, bordering on hysteria. And a novelty cover of The Troggs’ “Wild Thing.” Jacket has gold promo stamp, “Wild Thing” sticker, and “Views expressed” disclaimer sticker.