Allegory of Allergies

(Weird Forest) Used 2xLP $40.00

“A crumbling labyrinth at once humid and frigid, crammed to the gills with moss, lichen, cobwebs, brick dust, rotting boards, peeling paint, and narrow shafts of light,” says Chris Madak about this “blurry and bleary vision, in which John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt, and Mark McGuire improvise on synths, guitar, voice, and tapes like three cats batting at an enormous Calder mobile, a sound thoroughly native to the moldering interiors and indigenous dystopian / psychedelic culture of the American Rust Belt. Emeralds are possessed of a slow-burning, Cluster-like sense of patience, an accompanying willingness to assume the appearance of burbling sideways in low gear while stealthily turning the universe on its edge, a rare mastery of perspective and scale, and an ability to make audible the slipperiness of the slope between harmony and timbre.” Sealed


Drawn Dead

(Weird Forest) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Total oppressive heaviness, a slow suffocation of sick tones and blunt shrapnel. Guitar, drums, and electronics seriously overwhelm with grit and shadowy fuzz, lumbering through meanest tones, factory ambience, and disembodied moans in absolute darkness. A horrifying lump of old school tape noise sludge collage. Sealed


The Path of Lightning

(Weird Forest) Used 2xLP $12.00

“Intricate tapestries woven from strands of electroacoustic improvisation, ambient noise, free-folk, and musique concrète. The result is a profoundly disorienting music that thrives on the tension between artificiality and organicity, stillness and constant mutation.” From 2009


Live In The Police State Capitol

(Weird Forest) Used LP (one-sided) $8.00

“Very satisfying slow-spook electro and guitar creep that can turn into outright noise-gush on a dime” from 2004, says Blastitude.