(Wintage - WRT-75) LP $15.00

After nearly two decades of live performances, car crash reality, damaged ear bleed sound, countless CDs and cassettes on various noise labels, Knurl's debut LP delivers a furnace blast of searing frequencies. Trademark saw-blades, chains and metal files leaves nothing but a husk of melted electronics and a pile of smouldering wires under a hail-storm of rusty nails hammering down on a sheet metal roof. “Micrarhyncis” evokes serious backwoods dentistry where the low-end rattles free the fillings from the back of your mouth. On side B, the barbed-wire violin bakes scorching drones under a hot desert sun, eventually melting and congealing in a pool of mercury and chaos. Steel on steel, metal on metal, rust on rust.


Nothing Is Forever

(Wintage - WRT-99) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

The legendary first warriors of noise bring forth four new head-hitting masterpieces of No Music, laid down at London, Ontario's Forest City Gallery. Red vinyl. Edition of 500.


Cardboard Oracle

(Wintage - WRT-95) LP $15.00

Surreal collage and engaging avant creep-core from a Toronto sextet led by William A. Davison (who has worked with Stephen Stapleton and Gastric Female Reflex). Found sound field-recordings, cut-ups, circuit-bent electronics, and homemade instruments are the tools of these sci-fi induced, satanic backwoods Ozark jams housed inside two-color sleeves screen-printed by GFR's Andrew Zukerman on old LP jackets and spray-painted by Disguises' Kevin Crump on cardboard flats. Hand-stamped labels. Numbered edition of 300. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2012.