Mondo Music

(Yerevan Tapes - YER003) LP $20.25 (Out-of-stock)

Two trippy fifteen-minute tracks by the Italian drums-and-organ psych duo. “The first side takes … a hypnotic journey to the afterlife,” says Microphones In The Trees, a la early Amon Düül, German Oak, and Jacks. “The other side begins more meditative and at times ethereal, until the percussion of Gaspare opens the path to a ceremony of a secret brotherhood with dissonant textures and hypnotic pulse.” Die-cut jacket, color insert on tracing paper. Edition of 500.


Kalash Tirich Mir

(Yerevan Tapes - YER017) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

From the dehydrated and dilapidated outskirts of Los Angeles in San Bernardino County comes this mysterious duo’s fifth full-length LP — a non-stop stream with truly weird approaches that mix early industrial and exotic infatuations, cheap electronics and world music soundbites, primitive toy drumming and Eastern traditions heritage, twanging guitars and dub reverberations obnoxious drones and beach-like radiance. Previous releases on Opal Tapes, Handmade Birds, Beläten and Chondritic Sound.


Peplum b/w Alo

(Yerevan Tapes - YER007) 7-inch $9.75 (Out-of-stock)

An apocalyptic take on an imaginary Morricone soundtrack — Italian occult psychedelia filled with twangy guitars, doomsday synths, and mellotron, backed with a giallo-esque clash between Bruno Nicolai and Demdike Stare, originally conceived for the In Every Dream Home A Heartache exhibition by Phil Collins (no relation).


No Strength Of Sun

(Yerevan Tapes - YER021) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Journeys through imaginary northern landscapes by one half of Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet, who juxtaposes ethereal melodies with noisier passages, underwater lullabies and dungeon-like abstractions. Edition of 250



(Yerevan Tapes - YER008) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Toni C. (Hiroshima Rocks Around, Trouble vs. Glue) mixes drone and ambient, steamy and phat techno beats, field recordings and soundscapes on the border between East and West. Hidden memories and unconscious sounds of past experiences are put together using tapes, synths and sequencers. Guests include Gianni Giublena Rosacroce (clarinet), Cannibal Movie’s Donato Epiro (organs), and Piovs (Moog). In manila-colored die-cut discobags, with full-color labels and insert on tracing paper, all housed in strong, picture-disc-like PVC sleeve. Edition of 500.


Null / Void & End

(Yerevan Tapes - YER022) LP $18.75 (Out-of-stock)

Two side-long jams by the Swedish collective that mixes krautrock, ambient, and space-age electronics with a strong mystic touch. Edition of 250


Ritual Machine Music

(Yerevan Tapes - YER019) LP $18.50 (Out-of-stock)

Two long jams, samples of sounds and chants from the world tribes, thirty minutes of patrimony for the world community. Edition of 250