Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast

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“The only full-length to emerge from the half-decade partnership between Galveston-based experimental musicians Shawn David McMillen and Heather Leigh Murray, Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast remains a highly listenable node on the Ptolemaic Terrascope-driven lo-fi psych scene of the mid-’90s,” explains All Music Guide. “Though McMillen would go on to make more guitar-oriented recordings for Tompkins Square and others, guitar is often only an instrument in the palette here. On ‘Ride Cactus Glide Cliff Explode,’ it acts as a source of detonation and disorientation, a layer of sound atop a percolating bed of noise. Elsewhere, it behaves almost normally — which is to say, it is strummed acoustically — on the vaguely folky ‘Dust of My Grave.’ But even there, the six strings drip into home-recorded reverb trails, instantly [placing it] on the global psychedelic timeline. The album has both vague inclinations toward prettiness [and] totally scorched noise jams…, unified by a distinct home-recorded sheen, the sound of creativity and youth.” Hand-painted inserts