Water Regions Of The Southwest USA

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Long and layered bass-triggered synth pieces by Paul Guilford / Locasta of the Dave Dove Paul Duo form an oblique concept album related to the fact that there are no naturally occurring lakes in Texas. Sounds range from appropriately aquatic to ambient (if your idea of ambiance is a construction site).


Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast

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“The only full-length to emerge from the half-decade partnership between Galveston-based experimental musicians Shawn David McMillen and Heather Leigh Murray, Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast remains a highly listenable node on the Ptolemaic Terrascope-driven lo-fi psych scene of the mid-’90s,” explains All Music Guide. “Though McMillen would go on to make more guitar-oriented recordings for Tompkins Square and others, guitar is often only an instrument in the palette here. On ‘Ride Cactus Glide Cliff Explode,’ it acts as a source of detonation and disorientation, a layer of sound atop a percolating bed of noise. Elsewhere, it behaves almost normally — which is to say, it is strummed acoustically — on the vaguely folky ‘Dust of My Grave.’ But even there, the six strings drip into home-recorded reverb trails, instantly [placing it] on the global psychedelic timeline. The album has both vague inclinations toward prettiness [and] totally scorched noise jams…, unified by a distinct home-recorded sheen, the sound of creativity and youth.” Hand-painted inserts


Internal Eternal

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“Subtle psychedelia imbued with reverberating guitar echoes and luscious drones, recorded on Christmas Eve 1995,” explains Brainwashed. “Faint voices can be heard in the background…, and subtle atmospherics lend to the album a haunting, hollow quality. What is new, however, is the Arabic feel…, as if you are standing in a deserted casbah, only to hear the music of the desert and the departed wash in over the distant dunes.”