Bastard Wing

(Eclipse - ECL018) Used LP $10.00

Piano, electric guitar, voice and bells from 2003 by one half of Charalambides. Edition of 250



(Wholly Other) Used LP $8.00

“Long lines of sound that waver brightly and dissolve utterly” from 2007 by a Charalambide. “Carter layers her digitized wails one on top of the other, and serpentine mixing intertwines the vocals with the guitar(s), which themselves seem to be bouncing off mirrors.” Numbered edition 112/500


L’Etoile de Mer

(Emerald Cocoon - EC012) LP $17.50 (Out-of-stock)

Unlike Man Ray’s dreamlike 1928 surrealist film of the same name, her score for it is severely in focus: carefully placed single notes of electric guitar hang in a space made so tense by expectation that the air feels like glass under pressure. Buckling under the weight of their own naked intensity and the film’s obscure ritual logic, both takes end with a sudden descent into a seasick pitch-shifted blur. On the flip, seven etude-like songs recorded in an Austin hallway, were inspired by solo saxophone exercises. These pieces are meditations on sound rather than words. Tongue and throat animate the air, unconstrained by lyrical concerns; vocal shapes are carved, probed, turned over, and discarded. Previously released on cassette (Freedom From 2000). Sillscreened jackets. Edition of 300


Meditations on the Ascension of Blind Joe Death Vol One

(Ecstatic Yod) Used LP $35.00

Somber and shadowy guitar and piano duets


Obelisk / Tholos

(Emerald Cocoon - EC003) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

A lone voice, tangled bells, the caw of a crow, a plane passing overhead… A fortuitous overlapping of sound moments, trapped in amber an act of white witchcraft, a healing spell that defines time with the merest of tools. Volume one in Emerald Cocoon’s Alone Together series. Edition of 300.