3 Wishes

(Meeuw Muzak - MM037) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Ms. Ressin was one of several speakers on "Lipostudio... And So On," a "revoltingly beautiful" track by Matmos. Here she covers Klaus Nomi with appropriately pathetic operatic singing and electro-inspired rhythm from a sequencer. For the remix treatment on the flip, Mr. Tietchens reverses the vocals and feeds the rhythm through a gated reverb in the finest style of one-hit-wonder superfluous B-sides. Quite believable as an obscure 80s synth-pop record.



(Die Stadt - DS108) CD $20.00

The twelfth part in the ongoing re-release series of Tietchens albums, this one based on material recorded as early as 1967-1970, recycled into short, completely different tracks in 1989 (Hamster Records, 1989). With two previously unreleased tracks from the original master tapes.


Aus Freude am Elend

(Die Stadt - DS105) CD $22.50

Eleventh part in the ongoing re-release series of Tietchens albums, this one based on the human voice as a primary sound source: ecstatic religious people; other people making love; someone singing to Annette and Peggy out of the trash bin of a publishing company; the screams of furious teachers. Includes two tracks that were not on the original LP (Dom America, 1988).



(Die Stadt - DS99) CD $30.00

The first collaboration by these two renowned sound artists, which began during the production of Re-Post-Refabricated, a project where Chartier selected artists to rework and create new works from his 1998 CD Postfabricated for its reissue in 2003, and evolved into its present state after Tietchens continued to explore the source materials and suggested further formal collaboration. Include a limited edition bonus CD entitled Pre-Fabrication.


Geboren, um zu Dienen

(Die Stadt - DS92) CD $22.50

The eighth part in the ongoing re-release series of Tietchens albums, this one his industrial album originally released by Discos Esplendor Geometrico in 1986. Here Tietchens adds his own musical aspects to the general apocalyptic noises of the genre, inspired by the canonical topics of fear, hysteria, claustrophobia, machine and the imminent threat of the end. Tracks were recorded hastily, with little thought for dynamics, duration, precision and construction. What sounded dirty stayed dirty, the raw and the unsculpted part of the industrial dogma. With three unreleased bonus tracks from the same period.



(Silent) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Three lengthy pieces from 1991. A breathtaking collage of tape manipulations, sonic treatments utilizing home-made instruments, and feedback loops. AMK guests. Sealed.


Marches Funèbres

(Die Stadt - DS112) CD $20.00

(Die Stadt - DS112) Used CD $5.00

On this installment of the ongoing reissue program of early works of Asmus Tietchens, the good Herr melds ambient funeral music with a modern classical / experimental touch. Two tracks from the original LP (Multimood 1989) plus one previously unreleased nine-minute bonus piece from 1979. Edition of 600.



(Die Stadt - DS102) CD $22.50

The tenth part in the ongoing re-release series of Tietchens albums, this one an old-fashioned avant garde album that crosses over from industrial to academic electroacoustics, and uses grand piano with prepared strings played with electric beater, wire brush, coins and other unusual aids, and generously treated with studio tricks. With two tracks not on the original LP (Discos Esplendor Geometrico, 1987) but were on the first CD reissue (Barooni, 1992). Remastered from original tapes.


Zwingburgen des Hedonismus / Mysterien des Hafens

(Die Stadt - DS96) CD $22.50

The ninth part in the ongoing re-release series of Tietchens albums, this one combining the Fairlight CM1 composition “Zwingburgen des Hedonismus” (Multimood, 1987) with “Mysterien des Hafens” (Odd Size 1988), which uses underwater microphones. The bonus track “Faircomp 1K” is a previously unreleased different version of “Zwingburgen des Hedonismus.”