Crash Of The Titans

(Merciless Core) Used CD $6.00

Thirty-five minutes each. Harsh electronics by Merzbow, and merciless factory metal field recordings with added analog effects by Napalmed. Blue-disc edition of 500 from 2001.


Dead Zone

(Quasi Pop - QPOP059) CD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

Fax machine blips, tortured whale song, 1950s sci-fi effects, theremin sounds coming off like a Geiger Counter lost in the fall out, crumbling buildings rendered as metallic noise crunch, twenty-foot waves as static, nuclear meltdowns as devilish shrieks. Recorded the day after the first explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Artwork depicts Chernobyl and Prypiat. This CD is dedicated to the worldwide anti-nuclear movement. Edition of 500


Freak Hallucinations

(Obfuscated) LP $11.50 (Out-of-stock)

An eighteen-minute track from Merzbow and three tracks of face melt from Actuary, with vocal work by Chris Dodge and Fetus K. Colored vinyl (a smokey mix of black and white), gatefold jacket, two-sided art by Fetus and Akita.



(Silent) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Three lengthy pieces from 1991. A breathtaking collage of tape manipulations, sonic treatments utilizing home-made instruments, and feedback loops. AMK guests. Sealed.


Guya / Greed

(CX) split LP $20.00

“Guya” is eighteen minutes of noise from Masami Akita, structured by feedback and electronics both digital and analog. A devastating masterpiece. Cris X (aka Cristiano Luciani) is joined Keiko Higuchi (vocals, piano, lyrics) and Sachiko (vocals, electronics) for a dark and visionary journey through expressionist ambient atmospheres. White vinyl. Edition of 300.


Horn Of The Goat

(Freek) Used CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Odd collaboration from 1995 by drummer Stuart Dennison, Philip Best on oscillators, guitarist Gary Mundy, Matthew Bower on loops, and Masami Akita on EMS synth. Space-age phazer noise, trumpets, ambience, yelping female, saccharine dreck melting into top-shelf screech.



(Oaken Palace - OAK010) LP $14.25 (Out-of-stock)

Starting with an intense machine hum, Kakapo shrieks, stutters, wails and maintains the all‐obliterating industrial drone for thirty-three minutes spread over two sides of green vinyl. Amid electronic solar flares and insect metal clanging, it’s a harsh curtain of endless crushing, rumbling immersion. Simultaneously soothing and wild, machinelike and warm, it’s a rare and strange creature, like the endangered bird (a flightless parrot native to New Zealand whose total population is below 200) that the album raises money to protect. Profits will be donated to the Kakapo Recovery Trust. Edition of 500. Includes free download code.


Lowest Music & Arts 1980-83

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD108) 10xLP $225.00

COMING IN OCTOBER. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. This week’s comprehensive anthology of the Godfather of Noise collects early works selected and mastered by Masami Akita. It seems little needs to be said about Merzbow at this point, but even as early as 1985, Lightworks described it, “Imagine being surrounded in hot, molten electronic / industrial noise.... [H]arsh edges giving way to a deep bass deluge of sound. It pours out and into you.... This music could be how you feel three seconds into a Space Shuttle lift-off. Surging, intense, at the outer limits of control, and lack thereof.” Most of the audio material here was released in small editions on Akita’s Lowest Music and Arts tape label, the predecessor to his more well known ZSF imprint. LP1: Hyper Music 2, a previously unreleased recording from 1980. LP2: the second side of Metal Acoustic Music, originally released 1981/82 (first side was on Merzbox). LP3 and LP4: Merz Collection 007 and Tridal Production, both from 1981, containing studio and live sessions, and raw-material (excerpted on Merzbox). LP5 and LP6: the complete Mechanization Takes Command 1 & 2, originally released as c90 in early 1982 (excerpted on Merzbox); LP7 and LP8: Solonoise 1 & 2 (the former is on Merzbox; the latter is in its original and complete form). LP9 and LP10: Yahatahachiman and Escape Mask, two recordings from 1983 that represent an almost hidden side of Merzbow – walls of psychedelic, atonal guitar-noise in combination with the technoid-sounding drum-machine. Black varnished and silkscreened wooden box.


Merzbow / The Guilt Of...

(Chrome Peeler - CPR12) split LP $12.75 (Out-of-stock)

Masami Akita's assault of violent, swarming electronic distortion swirls with shards of brutal high-end feedback and cosmic oscillating tones, creating a vast whirlpool of caustic aural grit and buzz. Industrial noise punks from New Orleans The Guilt of... (Mike IX Williams [EyeHateGod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem] and Ryan McKern [Wolvhammer]) layer waves of piano, fuzz, tortured vocals, drums and distorted sub-bass. Mesmerizing and crushing. Edition of 500.


Smegma Plays Merzbow Plays Smegma

(Tim Kerr) Used CD $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

1996 collaboration using MA-tape, audio generator, teleband transceiver, mixer, tape loops, record players, wood flute, vocals, Optigan, mussette, frequency analyzer. The Merzbow section is a churning inferno of molten sound and screaming speakers with a lot of dynamics. The Smegma section shunts the Merzbow noise to a continuous layer at the periphery of the mix, allowing their spazodelic improv to grab a few mouthfuls of air. Sealed with a drill hole on the jewelbox.


Works 1987-1993

(Korm Plastics - KP3050) 3xCD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Tracks from their first cassette, Merzbowkapottemuziek (ZSF Produkt 1987), the complete live recording from a 1989 collaborative concert at Radio Rataplan, two compilation pieces that were made around the same time, the complete Continuum LP (Cheeses International 1993), and three compilation tracks, including the long reworked “Radio Rataplan” from the Dutch Tour 1989 double cassette (V2_Archief 1992). Carton box with sleeves, poster. Edition of 300. Sealed