(Dirter - DPROMLP61) 2xLP $50.00

Dude from Brainwashed pretty much nails it: “Considering the massive influence Faust have had on Nurse With Wound (with Stapleton as a young man famously traveling to the group's headquarters at Wumme only to find Faust were off on tour), it is nearly asking for either an anticlimax or a masterpiece yet [Disconnected] is neither…. [T]he hypnotic, motorik rhythms of "Lass Mich" … blend[ing] into smoky ambiences is a stunning start to the album. This was the kind of magic I was hoping for. Yet from here on the album never returns to the sense of urgency and power of the opening song…. There are times when the music is unmistakably Stapleton and Potter -- the time-stretched vocals and ethereal drones … [while] Faust (in this case consisting of Jean-Herve Peron, Zappi Diermaier and Amaury Cambuzat) bring an awful lot to the table, some of the material here sounds like it could have come from the classic recording sessions at Wumme, the band sounding as vibrant now as in their youth…. The symbiosis between the two groups comes naturally, although with all the studio trickery it is hard to tell where one band begins and the other ends…. Disconnected may not be a Faust Tapes or a Soliloquy for Lilith for the 21st century but at the very least it answers a big "what if" question. Its best moments shine brightly and at worst it is not a million miles away from some of Nurse With Wound's more recent output (and really that is not a bad place to be at all).” Includes a second platter available only with the first 1000 copies. One side of Faust, one side of NWW.


24 Hours A Day Of Seals

(Dirter) Used 4xCD $40.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Powered by a guitar, laptops and synthesizer, 24 Hours A Day Of Seals is mesmerizing and overwhelming,” marvels Big O. This 2002 disc “completely blurs the line between punishment and pleasure…. It’s easy to see why this album can be called ‘satisfying’…. ‘Good Morning Azarashi’ … hits you like a tropical squall for fourteen minutes. You feel almost refreshed and cleansed.”


Surveillance Lounge

(Dirter) Used CD $20.00

“Long, spooky soundscapes from 2009 punctuated by noise, sinister voices, and the occasional rhythm section. Despite the demarcation implied by the presence of four separate tracks, the entire 66-minute album is one piece, except for, perhaps, ‘The Golden Age of Telekinesis,’ with its building percussive rage structured upon tribal, rhythmic drums, and lots of malicious static. All, however, are dark journeys down untraveled paths, and that is exactly what Stapleton (with cohort Andrew Liles and Current 93’s David Tibet among others) does best.”


Inward Collapse

(Dirter) Used LP $10.00

Industrial / dark ambient / noise / horror film-inspired soundscapes from 1991 by Neil Chaney. Paste on cover. Red vinyl



(Dirter) Used 3xCD $25.00

Seven examples of live improvisation, each one is totally different. Round metal box packaging design is an homage to the second PiL album, obviously.


Have You Got It Yet?

(Dirter) Used 7-inch $3.00

Two tracks recorded live in London, where the Branstetters and the Galloway wanted to capture “the spirit of the thing … mess [it] up, like totally skewing everything, destroying everything and still making it totally listenable.” Originally given away for free with the August 1993 issue of Fear And Loathing magazine.