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(No Fun) Used CD $3.00

An unending spur of equal parts gorgeous and uncomfortably perplexing sound spread across fifteen tracks from 2008. Crackles of electronic fire, tremolo-infused waves of sustained guitar, broken music boxes and found sounds among all other sorts of unfounded wails of gargantuan melancholy drone, Burke and Dimuzio’s collaboration is a forceful, early industrial sound ruination combined with classic krautrock ambiance of the Tangerine Dream / Cluster ilk.


Nobody’s Ugly

(No Fun) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two tracks from 2007 by Philip Best, produced by William Bennett. “A symphonic tirade of distortion and industrial noise signals…. On ‘Black Cotton Wool’ there's some rampaging, squealing menace lurking beneath the surface, whereas ‘Grubbing’ relies upon a low frequency throb that seems to have undergone some sort of time-stretching and EQing to maximize the stomach-upsetting potential.


Final Expense

(No Fun) Used LP $5.00

Dark psychedelic drone, walls of sounds, electronic impossibility from 2007 by Gerritt Wittmer and Ryan Jencks. Edition of 500


No Fun Demo

(No Fun - NFP31) CD $5.00

On this 2008 CD, "there are melodic, structured songs," says Pitchfork, but Felipe's "approach is still hazy, off-kilter, and weird. Most of his tunes sport skewed hooks and off-key riffs which get dipped in fuzz and echo, half-hidden by distortion, pitch shifting, and ghostly distance. "


Adult Life

(No Fun) Used CD $5.00

Venturing closer to austere, experimental electronics, Giffoni’s thick band of oscillations from 2008 is underscored by a rhythmic pulse. Rising and falling sweeps, dusty switches, and a block-by-block composition style that mesmerizes the listener before catching him or her off-guard with a sudden change. Sealed


Certainty of Swarms

(No Fun) Used CD $5.00

Masterful combining of piercing vocals with walls of guitars, precise heavy electronics and thundering drums. A fusion of metal, noise rock, free jazz, industrial, and harsh electronics. From 2008. Sealed


Cast Through Shallow Earth

(No Fun) Used LP $8.00

Twenty-one minutes of purely miserable synth explorations and crumbling drone from 2007. Silkscreened jacket, white vinyl, edition of 400.


Live Destruction At No Fun

(No Fun) Used CD $7.00

A blistering performance from 2007 bringing together classic analog and then-recently-explored digital concerns. Two laptops and an amplified sheet-metal instrument keep pace between walls of computerized droning, distortion, and psyched-out metallic scraping. Gatefold card jacket.



(No Fun - NFP18) 2xLP $11.00

Industrial psych from the Brooklyn chapter of troglodytes of heaviness. Twice the volume, twice the destruction, twice the machinery, twice the headache. Playable it at any speed. Limited to 350 copies


Red Rainbows

(No Fun - NFP50) Used CD $10.00

Growing tonal drones and minimalistic structures by Sarah Lipstate that evoke visions of menacing, multicolored skies. Double-neck guitar, electronics, breathtaking atmospheres, dirty intensity. Includes a collaboration with Carlos Giffoni and a four-minute film Interior Variations.


A Bas La Culture Marchande

(No Fun) Used LP $4.00 (Out-of-stock)

Pulsating inhuman sounds, minimal drone work, silence, harsh layered electronics and total death from 2007. Peter Rehberg explores infra-worlds with tool boxes and a gigantic drill of destruction. Whatta sicko, this pioneer of evil electronic music, keeper of secret formulas, creator of artificial breakdowns of space and time. Hail, primal electronic darkness. Generic black jacket with centerhole. Edition of 300


Circle Snare

(No Fun) Used CD $4.00

Composed and realized during a European tour in 2008, Wiese scrutinizes his native tongue and vocabulary, and seeks new forms of grammar and cadence, as only extensive dives in unfamiliar waters can inspire. His given electronic anatomy of drum machine, microphones, tapes, and MSP break formation in this finely detailed album.



(No Fun) Used LP $12.00

“Eternal acid rain slowly melting your skin away” from 2006, backed with “a metallic behemoth continuously punching from all directions.” Edition of 300. Generic centerhole jacket. Sealed