Pulse Demon

(Relapse) Used CD $45.00

“Pulse Demon is simply pure sound, viciously unadulterated static,” Pitchfork informs us about Masami Akita’s 1996 benchmark. “The earlier releases stimulated the imagination; Pulse Demon decimates it…, probably one of the most archetypal Merzbow albums, the one most resolutely and incorrigibly reluctant to dilute itself with free jazz, industrial, world, or musique concrète…. All in all, seventy minutes that feel like driving an 18-wheeler made out of concrete into a remedial course on nuclear winter.” In six-panel folder with holographic printing.



(Relapse) Used CD $40.00

“The third in Merzbow’s Relapse trilogy,” notes All Music Guide, “with its punchy, raw production, [and] balanced, fibrous mix works incredibly well with the very patient structure of most of the tracks. The lack of continuity and immediacy, as well as the increase in low-end…, take[s] the focus away from the abrasion and screeching and move it toward the chunky, pulsating bass….” From 1998