Brisbane • Tokyo Interlace

(Cold Spring) Used CD $25.00

Masami Akita “approaches this record with a sound collage mindset and … brings … a ton of variation …[to] his own solo track…: silly, out-of-context, short loops of pop songs…, malformed rock tunes, [and] sudden trashy noise outbursts all over the place.” The collaborative track with Watermann “starts as a slightly more subdued and ambient piece [and] soon turns into a reckless opus of cut-up noise with so much going on and so fast that even I can’t properly keep up…. Watermann’s own [solo] track drops the noise walls and furthers the sound collage insanity into its absolute limits — covering nearly as much ground as the previous track in less than half the duration. Simply mesmerizing, pure ADHD brain music.” From 1996. Sealed



(Cold Spring) Used CD $5.00

“A filthy dirt-mess of an album from 2008, six stories of mind-fucking depravity, with fucked up, histrionic and downright bizarre vocals. Moral decay, beyond perverse, sexual transgression.” Cover painting by Kevin Tomkins.