Fall of Nature

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New material recorded in 2007. One track, nearly an hour in length, depicting a nihilistic nightmare on personal and social levels. This epic track evolves gradually, starting with the voice of creation, building to a fury, and ending with man's desperate screams of realization and madness. The relentless music in between is "nothing short of monumental."


This Is The Truth

(Groundfault) CD $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

The first studio album in eight years by Sutcliffe Jugend, who began in 1982 as a Whitehouse side project that gained notoriety as one of the harshest exponents of the original power electronics scene. After the monumental 10xCS boxset We Spit On Their Graves (Come Organisation, 1982), Sutcliffe Jugend released a handful of albums until 1999. A single 7-inch was released in 2001 and they weren’t heard from again until 2006, when they played their first-ever live show, followed by more that same year. This Is The Truth is an original and perfectly balanced noise composition, referencing classic as well as unique and fresh elements one does not hear in noise. Foreboding tension and anxiety, lively, disturbing, and textual elements of noise all come together with detail and balance.