Brisbane • Tokyo Interlace

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Masami Akita “approaches this record with a sound collage mindset and … brings … a ton of variation …[to] his own solo track…: silly, out-of-context, short loops of pop songs…, malformed rock tunes, [and] sudden trashy noise outbursts all over the place.” The collaborative track with Watermann “starts as a slightly more subdued and ambient piece [and] soon turns into a reckless opus of cut-up noise with so much going on and so fast that even I can’t properly keep up…. Watermann’s own [solo] track drops the noise walls and furthers the sound collage insanity into its absolute limits — covering nearly as much ground as the previous track in less than half the duration. Simply mesmerizing, pure ADHD brain music.” From 1996. Sealed


Calcutta Gas Chamber

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Inspired by nightmarish experiences during a visit to Calcutta in 1990, the late Australian composer conveys his impressions through electronic manipulation of field recordings made in an abandoned electrical power station in Brisbane in 1992. Grating and harsh, as indicative of nefarious activities related to death by machinery, beautifully composed and produced, completely remastered, with new artwork. Previous editions released by ND, 1993 and Cold Spring, 2006.