Praag Rotterdam

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“Random shuffling sounds and foreground textures pass across … intermittently,” notes Aversion about the Prague recording on this disc by Roel Meelkop, Peter Duimelinks, and Frans de Waard. “Other machinated types of noises and faint samples … are … quiet and restrained…, so it’s all rather abstract and obscure….” The Rotterdam piece “build[s] up more quickly with … glitchy wisps of distortion and rather hellishly piercing high-end feedback … until it finally retreats to the distance and shifts back and forth into a lower sizzle.”


Works 1987-1993

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Tracks from their first cassette, Merzbowkapottemuziek (ZSF Produkt 1987), the complete live recording from a 1989 collaborative concert at Radio Rataplan, two compilation pieces that were made around the same time, the complete Continuum LP (Cheeses International 1993), and three compilation tracks, including the long reworked “Radio Rataplan” from the Dutch Tour 1989 double cassette (V2_Archief 1992). Carton box with sleeves, poster. Edition of 300. Sealed