Annihilate This Week

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On the ninth release in the Brombron series, Colley and Lescalleet find music in the natural process of decay amid the detritus of yard sale junk and old, broken equipment. These 2006 compositions seem weathered and eroded. Rather than aiming for excitement or dazzling expression, Colley and Lescalleet embrace the tedium of everyday life as something beautiful and compelling. This is music with a slow absorption rate and a high toxicity.


In De Blaauwe Hand

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Working with very small seed source sound samples during a residency at Extrapool, the two intermingling compositional paths of Lopez and Francis unfold in parallel; the single sixty-six-minute track merges a dreamy geography of subtleties and complex organics. With a barely perceptible crawl in from silence, softly mechanical drones begin to appear, rippling with a radiant, ever-building hum. As the piece progresses the hum gets thicker and the drone texture strengthens. Clicking pulses are overtaken by thick drones of buzzing, hypnotic, and comfortable noises.


Kill The King

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“One of the qualities,” explains Brainwashed, that makes this 1991 release “such a satisfying work is that Andrew McKenzie balances his characteristically aggressive contrarian and experimentalist impulses with massive, sustained, and subliminally buzzing drones and an occasional languorous pulse….” Guests include “a disappeared” (presumed to be John Duncan), “a never was” (ditto Zbigniew Karkowski), and “performance artist / sexologist Annie Sprinkle…, lending her voice to be chopped and mangled into unrecognizability for a cathartic and disquieting mid-song sequence as they are all distilled into either a swirling, quivering shimmer or an ominous rumble…. [T]he accompanying booklet is a masterpiece in its own right, both as a feat of graphic design and as an impenetrable enigma. [W]himsically disquieting pictures, pages of brief evocative text, six seemingly extraneous song titles, and [silver] words [that may] have nothing to do with the music … [come] from a rather curious and alien place, and bear little resemblance at all to the comparatively homogenous commodities released by ‘serious’ musicians that want to be liked…. [T]his album could have emerged from an aborted military experiment to create sound waves that are so vibrant and psychotropic on a microcosmic level that hapless enemy combatants would be unable to do anything but listen intently…. [A]n utterly absorbing and unpredictable release from one of the most twisted and calculating minds in modern music.”


Shimmer /Flicker /Waver /Quiver

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“Together for a session at the Extrapool studio in Nijmegen, The Netherlands,” explains Boomkat about this disc from 2003, “Roden plays contact mics and guitar while Kahn takes up percussion, laptop and analogue synthesizer…. The end product is exquisitely subtle and charged with warm, microsonic details that nicely fit alongside the grade-A minimalism these two author as individuals. Throughout this album the music seems to reside in the upper frequency bands, riding gentle waves of hiss with looped sonorous textures.”


Works 1987-1993

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Tracks from their first cassette, Merzbowkapottemuziek (ZSF Produkt 1987), the complete live recording from a 1989 collaborative concert at Radio Rataplan, two compilation pieces that were made around the same time, the complete Continuum LP (Cheeses International 1993), and three compilation tracks, including the long reworked “Radio Rataplan” from the Dutch Tour 1989 double cassette (V2_Archief 1992). Carton box with sleeves, poster. Edition of 300. Sealed



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Nine versions of John Cage’s track 4'33" from 2002 by Keith Rowe, Artificial Memory Trace, Thurston Moore, Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening Band, Jio Shimizu, Voice Crack, Clive Graham, and Alignment. 18pp poster style folder.