Francisco Lopez with GX Jupitter-Larsen

(Phage) 10-inch $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Collaboration by two masters, each side by one working with source material provided by the other. Edition of 500.


In De Blaauwe Hand

(Korm Plastics - KP3033) CD $11.25

(Korm Plastics - KP3033) Used CD $8.00

Working with very small seed source sound samples during a residency at Extrapool, the two intermingling compositional paths of Lopez and Francis unfold in parallel; the single sixty-six-minute track merges a dreamy geography of subtleties and complex organics. With a barely perceptible crawl in from silence, softly mechanical drones begin to appear, rippling with a radiant, ever-building hum. As the piece progresses the hum gets thicker and the drone texture strengthens. Clicking pulses are overtaken by thick drones of buzzing, hypnotic, and comfortable noises.



(Important - IMPRPEC322) CD $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Over a background of sputtering, noxious static, MB lays down seven- to nine-second blasts of a grimier, harsher sound” for forty-four minutes, marvels Dusted. “There is something trance-inducing [the] utterly relentless repetition, which also forces the brain to hear every varied facet of that blast.” Meanwhile, Lopez immerses the listener in digital silence, low bass presence, and “a multi-layered spray of bright, pixilated frequencies…, like a sped-up film of light playing off of clouds…, ranging from feather-light to medicine ball-heavy without ever lapsing into anything so mundane as a tune.”


Live In San Francisco

(23five) Used CD $12.00

Spectral timbres and ominous fluctuations layered into a massive lump of sonic force by famed concrète composer with over 130 releases to his name. One track was culled from the infamous Hexaphonic show at The Lab in August 2000, and the other from an intimate performance at 3feetofftheground in July 2001. Comes with a blindfold to enhance the phenomenological experience of Lopez’s dramatic compositions. Insert firing squad remark here.



(Elevator Bath - eeaoa030) 2xCD $14.00

Four pieces recorded from 2004 to 2007, based on sounds of clocks, elevators, and laboratory and factory equipment in Amsterdam, Leipzig, Barcelona, and Riga. Permeated by an industrial sound, but the arrangements are very subtle. There is a strong rhythmic presence, heavy with the weight of machinery. Thick sounds held in crisp clarity. With fold-out insert featuring color photography. Edition of 500