(Elevator Bath - eeaoa038 ) LP picture disc $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part composition by the artist behind seminal, vegan, straight edge, noise project Merzbow. Akita’s traditional soup of unidentifiable metallic clanging, crushing feedback, jagged white noise, and various effects. No drums, guitars, or vocals — just scorching electronic mayhem of the highest quality. Edition of 270.


The Cartesian Plane

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa033) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Deep, meditative tranquility inextricably linked to Berry’s otherworldly painting -- absorbing, heavy with the slow unraveling of emotions, expansive and unreal. Edition of 233


Frequency Curtain

(Elevator Bath) Used CD $6.00

Excerpts from extended improvisation sessions in 2002 by John Grzinich, Rick Reed and Josh Ronsen, using analogue and digital sine wave generators, processing and interventions from the radiophonic spectrum.


Flammable Materials From Foreign Lands

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa045) LP $20.50 (Out-of-stock)

Mostly composed, recorded, and sketched during an Estonian residency at MoKS for a program that was hosted by Simon Whetham and John Grzinich called Active Crossover, the goal of which was to bring together artists whose work pertained to environmental recordings. With the Estonian landscape pocked with abandoned buildings of considerable size and decay, and no electricity, Haynes relied on shortwave to capture any electro-magnetic disruptions. The radio reception was eerie and unsettled, producing a crackling, droning noise unlike what one hears in the United States. The A-side reflects an aestheticized paranoia through bursts of static, pulsed noise, and atonal sinews of sustained frequency. The B-side is more introspective, cutting up an Estonian radio broadcast into phonemes, disjointed phrases, and cryptic speech. What few words that can be recognized from the Estonian pertain to the forces of globalization. Clear vinyl. Edition of 300


Akasha_For Record

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa028) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part composition filled with dynamic intricacies carefully arranged in rich, micro-detail, yielding a spellbinding, opulent listening experience that reward close, repeated scrutiny. Edition of 216



(Elevator Bath - eeaoa030) 2xCD $14.00

Four pieces recorded from 2004 to 2007, based on sounds of clocks, elevators, and laboratory and factory equipment in Amsterdam, Leipzig, Barcelona, and Riga. Permeated by an industrial sound, but the arrangements are very subtle. There is a strong rhythmic presence, heavy with the weight of machinery. Thick sounds held in crisp clarity. With fold-out insert featuring color photography. Edition of 500



(Elevator Bath - eeaoa029) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

More than forty haunting yet serene minutes of field recordings, guitars, shortwave radio, analog keyboards and Moog filters. Contemplative and melodic tones build slowly into a monolithic block of sound, while layer after layer of warm atmosphere appears and then unravels into a sea of tranquility. Strikingly elegant three-dimensional music. Edition of 268



(Elevator Bath) Used LP + 7-inch $20.00

This subtle and remarkably controlled collection of atmospheres mostly began life as music for filmmaker / puppeteer Janie Geiser’s play Invisible Glass, an adaptation of Poe’s William Wilson. Rich and surprising compositions that create a sound world intended to drench theater-goers from the moment they enter until their departure. 180-gram vinyl. Include download card. Sealed


Oaxaca Dawn / Bamboo

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa032 ) LP picture disc $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Raw, unadulterated, unpretentious snapshots of the early morning cracking of dawn in Oaxaca, Mexico, and a windy afternoon in a Hana bamboo forest on Maui, Hawaii. Recchion says he was “struck by the cacophony of sounds” of the former, which he describes as “a barnyard turned up to 11.” Regarding the latter, he says he “noticed three distinct sounds (though there are more): the wood block clunking of the stocks, the squeaking of the thin branches flicking and slipping off neighboring plants, and the white noise rustling of the leaves on top of the giant clusters.” Edition of 250.


The Way Things Go

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa035) 2xLP $22.00

Rooted in the process of experience, the music of this Austin-based electronic instrumentalist and composer unfolds along the lines of fellow travelers Klaus Schulze and Christoph Heemann, utilizing analog synthesizers, sine waves, shortwave radio, and sampled field recordings. The waves that unfold in the opening “Mesmerism” are deep and somewhat akin to the vibrational frequencies of biofeedback. “Capitalism: Child Labor” merges analog buzz and whir with the glassine textures of vibraphones or tubular bells, composed as a soundtrack to the 2005 Ken Jacobs film of the same name. Harsh electronic blasts and obscured voices provide bookends to areas of waves, refractions, and gooey pulses of rockish fuzz. Knob-twisting and crotchety flashes gradually merge and fall away to leave an area of near-singularity, coursing hums revealing stringy subtones and colliding layers before an abrupt conclusion. Turbine-like rumble, light tendrils of feedback, and organ-esque fluff that would make Gerd Zacher proud characterize “Hidden Voices Part One,” with the occasional passing blip among splayed-out tones a clue to their newer electric origin. The closing title composition pits glittery wash against layers of modulated feedback, a nattering growl at the heels of thin, gradated whines. Massive chords are their eventual replacement, monolithic and coarse. A sudden shift brings out staggered chunks of thick and striated tones before the piece returns to its original stage, closing with a lengthy and gorgeous coda of bells, kalimba-like plucks, and clavichord bounce. Includes download card.


Essential Anatomies [Volume 1]

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa041) Cassette $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Working exclusively with samples, the duo sculpts commercial recordings via plunderphonics and electronic sound art into abstract beauty, folding nebulous sound into impressions of musicality. Includes download card. C48. Edition of 100


Essential Anatomies [Volume 2]

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa042) Cassette $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

The duo's second volume expands upon the ideas and techniques of the first, with surprising, nuanced improvisations via samplers and turntables. Rippie and Sheffield sculpt commercial recordings via plunderphonics and electronic sound art into abstract beauty, folding nebulous sound into impressions of musicality. Includes download card. C48. Edition of 100


Isolated Agent / Stranding Behavior

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa031) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part sculpture / puzzle, multi-layered and almost entirely electronic, lending vivid color to a description of blackest space. Mysterious, unsettling examples of Shoemaker’s attention to detail, mood and tension. Edition of 233.


Soundtrack for Dislocation

(Elevator Bath - EEAOA034) CD $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

An entirely self-contained account of a fantastically abstract and intensely personal vision, permeated with potent unease. Enigmatic cover and interior images, the cryptic track titles, and the recordings themselves -- densely packed and elaborately evolved aberrancies. Edition of 509. That's right, Stonehange, 509.


A Cleansing Ascension

(Elevator Bath) Used CD $3.00

Previously unreleased recordings from Matt Shoemaker, Adam Pacione, Jim Haynes, Keith Berry, Rick Reed, Dale Lloyd, Colin Andrew Sheffield, James Eck Rippie, and Tom Recchion. Uneasy narrative, warm ambience, rusted drones, sine waves, field recordings, meditative composition.