A Big Circle Drawn With Little Hands

(Ini Itu - 1201) LP $19.00

Begun as a proposition from ini.itu to work on specific audio materials, Roden expanded the palette to include “radio, old records, instruments, […] things that I can bring from your location to my own.” The sounds are amiable and enigmatic wanderings, slow additions of tiny, delicate elements which sketch nocturnal and rich environments, at times laidback, austere, uneasy, at times dense, wistful, but always intriguing.


Translations & Articulations

(Griffin Contemporary Exhibitions) Used CD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Includes Of Space Enclosed By Planes Or Surfaces CD, but this is primarily a twenty-page catalog documenting Roden's titular installation from 1997. Color photographs and essays by Steve Roden, Christopher Miles and Brandon LaBelle. Edition of 966. The disc in mint, but there's some scuffing on the back cover of the catalog, so it's listed here as used.