Venomous Cumulus Cloud

(PacRec) Used CD $10.00

A sci-fi odyssey by the Japanese legend, a cataclysmic adventure of volcanic blazes, time-machine blasts, and extremely loud electronics. Six tracks, forty minutes.


Praag Rotterdam

(PacRec) Used CD $2.00

“Random shuffling sounds and foreground textures pass across … intermittently,” notes Aversion about the Prague recording on this disc by Roel Meelkop, Peter Duimelinks, and Frans de Waard. “Other machinated types of noises and faint samples … are … quiet and restrained…, so it’s all rather abstract and obscure….” The Rotterdam piece “build[s] up more quickly with … glitchy wisps of distortion and rather hellishly piercing high-end feedback … until it finally retreats to the distance and shifts back and forth into a lower sizzle.”


The Great Silence

(PacRec) Used CD $3.00

“In [Marhaug’s great wall of noise] there is a great silence, an unspoken and often yearned-for silence. For his noise to be so brutal, loud and destructive your mind almost needs to contrast it with the moments [of true] silence.”


Global Clone

(PacRec) Used CD $4.00

Five previously released cassette tracks: from Declawed Yellow Swans (Tone Filth); from Skaters split (Jyrk); from Sex With Girls split (DeathBombArc); two from Damage Yellow Swans (23 Productions). Sealed