Hand Signals

(Krim Kram) CD $11.75

The debut release on this Ireland-based label is the first Mark-Knopfler-approved “real” CD by Bren’t Lewiis. Eleven disorienting tracks: heavily edited sound collage; Orchid-Spangiafora-style word play; malfunctioning, sputtering machines; instruments and objects that are blown, shaken, scraped, and generally sabotaged in various ways. You won’t know whether it’s intestines, brains, or macaroni salad. If the CIA had access to this kind of arsenal during MKUltra, who knows what kind of damage they could have inflicted.



(Krim Kram) CD $11.75

After about a decade of activity in the visual arts, Dublin-based Kevin Kirwan jumps into experimental sound using field recordings, found objects, feedback and tape manipulation. His noise is restrained and textural with occasional melodic undercurrents. Krim Kram’s CD reissues two cassettes originally self-released in editions of 15 in 2021, described by S. Grey as “concise explorations of materiality and physicality via hard-panned, lumbering slow-burn buzz and cut up blasts of spidery frequencies [with] an exquisite sense of timing.”


Dives Headfirst Into Punk Rock 1978/79

(Krim Kram) CD $11.75

Krim Kram’s expanded CD reissue of the cassette first issued on Pigface Records in 2015 documents the earliest recordings of Smegma performing live as part of the Portland punk rock / new wave scene (Myrtle Tickner, Jerry A. and Pig Champion from Poison Idea would all later go on to play with the band at various stages throughout the 80s and 90s). Included are the complete Flashcards and Disco Diarrhea 7s, both originally self-released on Pigface Records in 1979.