Fishing For Tripe

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC261) CDR $9.00

A real charming affair featuring two men, a wife, a pregnant partner and the Duff family plughole. As Louise was doing her upholstery next door, hammering on a chair, the sink started to glug. “It was just one of those moments, you know, Jaques Tati’s paint pot in the sea,” muses the clan patriarch Malcy, “Louise and the plug jammed blindly together, not knowing the other was singing the same song.”


Let's Just See What Happens

(R.E.L.) Used LP $20.00

Malcy Duff and Ali Robertson (with Sticky Foster on one track) use intuition and some kinda comic logic to create surreal structures gilded by obsessive metallic clunk, destroyed voices, broken horns and dropped marbles. With sixteen-page comic book by Duff. Hand-numbered edition of 200.


You Can Do It

(Bug Incision - BIM74) CDR $6.00

Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff’s characteristically bizarre series of sound explorations, recorded during a week-long residency in Helsinki in May 2010 at the “mobile curatorial platform” known as Ptarmigan. You Can Do It opens with what sounds like a person working out, then traverses through all manner of molested detritus, small, gestural sounds, and absurd, wonderful, glossolalia. The pacing, which follows a logic not immediately apparent, sets this apart from other junk-music and free improv.